Selene De Rui

She was born in Milan in 1976.
She graduated at Classical High School and she enrolled in a professional school to become camera operator and cinematographer.
She started working in feature films and commercials as camera operator.

At the same time she began to work on her projects as short films, documentaries and music videos.
Since 2004 she works actively as D.O.P. and film maker for audio-visuals with a special attention to advertising, music videos and feature films.


Valerio Ferrario

He was born in Turin in 1968.
 After completing Classical High School he graduated in 1991 as a photographer at the European Institute of Design.
He moved immediately to Paris and London where he worked for the world’s leading fashion photographers.

Since 1995 he lives in Milan where he works as a photographer.
 Since 2001 he became D.O.P. for commercials, music videos, documentaries and feature films.


Prizes and Festivals

“Diari” by Attilio Azzola
Festival des Films 2008 @ Cannes
Grand Prix Ecrans Junior

Valerio Ferrario - festival di Cannes

“My friend Johnny” by Alessandra Cardone

Mostra Internazionale del Cinema 2012 @ Venezia
Opening screening

“Come un filo d’erba nel prato” by Attilio Azzola

Giffoni Film Festival 2006 @ Salerno, Italy

First Prize Section Free to Fly
Cortoinbrà 2006 @ Brà, Italy

Best Italian Short Film
Festival Cortisonici 2006 @ Varese, Italy
Jury Special Prize
Short Film Festival 2006 @ Ravenna, Italy
First Prize Section Corti da Sogni
Cittadella del Corto 2006 @ Roma, Italy
Special Prize

Film Festival 2006 @ Capaci, Italy
First Prize

Tribeca Film Festival 2006 @ New York, USA
Short List
Sony Short Film Festival 2005 @ Milan, Italy
Short List
International Film Festival 2006 @ San Paolo, Brasil
Short List
Italian Film Festival 2006 @ London, UK
Short List
Film Fest 2006 @ Krakov, Poland
Short List

“Guarda che luna” by Attilio Azzola

Festival Cine Pobre 2006  @ La Habana, Cuba

Short list

“Chapeau!” by Alessandra Cardone

I’ve seen films 2011 @ Milan, Italy

Special Prize

“Nuove cenerentole e vecchi principi” by Attilio Azzola
Festival Internazionale “Arrivano i corti” 2003 @ Rimini, Italy

Best Script and Third Prize

Festival Cortisonici 2003 @ Varese, Italy

Jury Special Prize
Festival del Cinema 2003 @ Brescello, Italy
Special Prize

“Beneficenza” by Alessandra Cardone

Festival Sguardi Altrove 2010 @ Milan, Italy

Short List

“Codice blu” by Mara Duchetti

Festival Corti Estranei 2004 @ Milan, Italy

Direction of Photography Special Prize

“Hystera” by Gianluca Chierici

Mystfest 2008 @ Cattolica, Italy

Jury Special Prize

“Gemelli” by Simone Colombo

Corto Fiction 2009 @ Chianciano Terme, Italy

Prize Fellini

“I figli cercano il padre” by Gianluca Chierici and Oriana Haddad

Biennale dei Giovani Artisti del Mediterraneo 2008 @ Bari, Italy

Representing Italy